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Mastering Value-Added Selling: A Comprehensive Guide (Part 2)

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Value-Added Selling
    a. The Foundation of Value-Added Selling
    b. Aligning with Customer-Centric Philosophy
    c. Integrating Value into Every Interaction
    d. Insights from Peter Drucker
  3. The Failure of Generic Sales Approaches
    a. Zig Ziglar’s Wisdom
    b. Addressing Customer Needs: Insights from Jeffrey Gitomer
    c. Overcoming Price-Only Focus
    d. Customer-Centric Selling
  4. The Essence of Value-Added Selling
    a. Defining Value in Business
    b. The Tailoring Dilemma: Lessons from Tom Hopkins
    c. Crafting Tailored Solutions
  5. Why Value-Added Selling Wins Deals
    a. Building Relationships
    b. Differentiation Strategies
    c. Customer Loyalty
    d. Realizing Long-Term Success
  6. Real-Life Scenarios
    a. Elevating Satisfaction: Dale Carnegie’s Example
    b. Triumph over Price-Only: Lessons from Brian Buffini
  7. How to Implement Value-Added Selling
    a. Identifying Pain Points
    b. Offering Tailored Solutions
    c. Communicating Value: Insights from Jill Konrath
  8. The Do’s and Don’ts of Value-Added Selling
    a. Understanding Business: Wisdom from Jim Rohn
    b. Continuous Education: A Perspective from Warren Buffett
    c. Overpromise and Underdeliver: Lessons from Grant Cardone
    d. Nurturing Relationships: A Tony Hsieh Reminder
  9. Conclusion


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